NASA’s interest in blockchain and cryptocurrency emerges

NASA's interest in blockchain and cryptocurrency emerges

The US space agency also looks with interest at blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. A job announcement published on LinkedIn by the managers of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, based in Pasadena (California), in search of a Data Scientist, reveals it.

NASA: focus on blockchain and cryptocurrency

It is worth underlining that the advertisement is not exclusively focused on this type of skills, but that the skills will be considered a plus during the candidate selection process. For prospective collaborators the prospect of getting to work on tasks with responsibilities related to the development of innovative applications and concepts for areas such as robotics, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and hardware to be implemented in the aviation sector.

It is not the first time that NASA looks at the potential of blockchains: it did so also in January, confirming the experimentation of a structured system in order to guarantee an adequate level of security and the protection of privacy for information coming from telemetry of flight.

This is the umpteenth testimony of how the potential of blockchains and more in general of DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) extend far beyond the range of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Libra. In the industrial environment, they can be used for example to certify the origin of raw materials, to combat counterfeit medicines, for energy distribution and more generally in all those contexts where decentralized information management can be useful to guarantee and certify integrity.

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