From CTA: logo and specifications to be followed for 8K TVs

From CTA: logo and specifications to be followed for 8K TVs

With the store shelves still full of Full HD and 4K models, the market is currently hosting the first 8K panel TVs. Appliances currently not yet affordable for all budgets, considering the unit prices announced so far. Even this new format a day not too far away will become a standard, as the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) reminds us today.

CTA: logo and specifications for 8K TVs

The organization brings together over 2,200 companies with the declared objective of fostering innovation. His talk about new generation TV sets some rules that producers will have to respect to bring panels accompanied by the “8K Ultra HD” logo (starting from 1 January 2020) to the market, so that a user can approach the purchase with greater confidence, certain of the quality of the images that will be used in the living room.

CTA logo specifictions for 8k tv

The resolution must be at least 7680 × 4320 pixels, support for 24, 30 and 60 fps framerates, compatibility with 10-bit color depth, with the most common HDR modes and use of HDCP 2.2 technology (High -Bandwidth Digital Content Protection) for content protection. The TV must also guarantee the possibility of upscaling images and videos with resolutions lower than 8K.

It should be pointed out that CTA certification will not be mandatory and that companies will be able to offer models without the logo shown above, but for this reason they are not less valid or not compatible with the more advanced features in the home cinema environment.

Meanwhile, the industry is already looking ahead to 16K: VESA has announced DisplayPort 2.0 with format support and Sony has already presented a home solution for those who can afford not to pay attention to expenses.

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