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Dark web once again rears its ugly face; threatening to release personal info of thousands of Indians

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In this digital age, data privacy and security have become one of the paramount concerns for everyone including governments, organizations and individuals. It could jeopardies countries, their economies, and the lives of people.

In a recent incident of data theft, personal information of thousands of people who use Indian matchmaking website Bharatmatrimony.com was put on sale on the dark web. The report of the theft was confirmed by CYBLEINC, a cyber-security firm based in Atlanta.

According to the report, personal information of more than 1.7 GB pertaining to thousands of customers which included mostly personal life details was available for purchase on the dark network. The other venture of Bharatmatrimony which came under similar attack is Elitematrimony.

The data is sold at prices as low as $500 worth of bitcoins.

According to the firm who contacted the officials from the concerned websites they responded claiming they are aware of such a breach of information but there has been no breach of our current active database of customers. What has been reported belongs to an old database and no sensitive information has been compromised.

They further claim to practice the best encryption in the industry and “We assure you that we remain 100% committed to it.

Whereas, CYBLEINC continues to standby the findings of its report as true and assures that they can help people who can register with them on their website.

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