Google begins to enhance its own content and original news sources in search results

Google begins to enhance its own content and original news sources in search results

Google has communicated through its blog that it is making changes in the algorithm to make it easier to find an original news, instead of enhancing the results of those media that have echoed that news.

It is often difficult to find the original news on some occasions, either because the medium that echoes it does not link it, or because the search for Google results does not offer it. The company will highlight the original sources in the search, and says they will remain in high positions for longer.

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Google wants to enhance the original content

From the Google blog they affirm that in their search box, when a news is searched, different pages are offered, to offer all the possible context on it. Despite this, they value the importance of being the original source of a story or report, so they want to “support these industry efforts and help people have access to more reliable information.”

“We have made changes to our products worldwide to highlight the articles we identify as significant original reports. Such articles can remain in a highly visible position for longer. This prominence allows users to view original news and at the same time view more articles recent with them. “

Therefore, they are making changes to the search ranking criteria, so that the original sources are more visible. According to Google, there is no absolute rule to establish the originality of an article, so they claim that the algorithm will be constantly evolving to always try to show “original journalistic information.”

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In a nutshell, the way of classifying news in the Google ranking is changed on the one hand (some appear before others), and the guidelines are modified so that the algorithm constantly tries to highlight quality information, from original sources.

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