OnePlus TV will have a 55-inch QLED panel

OnePlus To Launch OnePlus TV with Android TV Platform and Qled Display
OnePlus To Launch OnePlus TV with Android TV Platform and Qled Display

The OnePlus TV with Android TV platform will be equipped with a panel with QLED technology with a diagonal of 55 inches.

No longer just smartphones: the Chinese manufacturer led by Pete Lau will soon bring a television to the market, already named OnePlus TV. We talked about it in recent weeks with the appearance on the Net of the first confirmations regarding the name and logo, so let’s get back to it today because of sharing a tweet that sheds light on a couple of aspects of the technical sheet.

OnePlus TV: 55 inches and QLED panel

OnePlus TV will be marketed in a 55-inch model that, presumably, will go alongside a smaller 43-inch one and one destined for the larger 75-inch salons. The middle version will be equipped with a QLED panel (Samsung’s Quantum Dot technology), therefore equipped with backlighting unlike the OLED ones. In all likelihood the different editions will be destined to different territories, but to understand how they can only wait for the official announcement, scheduled for next month. No information at the moment even on the selling price.

Switch to an unparalleled viewing experience with the 55-inch QLED display on the OnePlus TV.

As for the multimedia sector, the Android TV platform will be present  with all its apps dedicated to content streaming. The Amazon Indian portal  already hosts a section dedicated to OnePlus TV with the wording “Coming soon” (as per the screenshot below), while the producer page on our local version of the store does not include any reference to the initiative.
In addition to OnePlus, HONOR has recently chosen to expand its reach beyond the borders of the mobile area, presenting the Smart TV called VISION and based on HarmonyOS, Huawei’s new operating system. A platform designed to meet the most diverse needs in terms of functionality and form factor: not only smartphones, but also smart home and Internet of Things equipment.