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Pokémon GO celebrates its first Community Day with 4th generation creatures

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Pokémon GO is hosting the very first Community Day, where you can catch a 4th generation creature easily and frequently. It’s a starter Pokémon and with luck you might even find a very rare Shiny form. But be quick, because the event is nearing the end.

A new era of Community Days in Pokémon GO is breaking. At the Community Day in September, for the first time, a pocket monster of the 4th generation will be the focus. So the starter Pokémon Chelast will appear especially often in the wild.

According to Niantic, Community Day beginning at begining at 11 AM ET today. 

As with past Community Days, you may be lucky enough to catch the new shiny form of the Pokémon. Shiny-Chelcarain and Shiny-Chelterrar can be further developed after this Shiny-Chelast. If you manage to do this even a maximum of one hour after the end of the Community Day, your Chelterrar will learn a powerful, exclusive attack.

What attack that will be, Niantic has not yet announced. However, the other generation starter Pokémon, who, like Chelast, have the Plant type, have been able to learn the exclusive Attack Flora statue in past Community Days. This will probably be the exclusive attack for Chelast, or Chelterrar.

Bonuses at Community Day in September

Even if you have no interest in Chelast or its Shiny form, you should still note the September 15 in the calendar. Because you expect again all sorts of bonuses during the event. These include three-hour lock modules and tripled stardust for every Pokémon you catch on Community Day. So you quickly collect many experience points and reached level 40.

Chelast is just the first of the three Starter Pokémon from the 4th generation. Accordingly, community days with the other two starter beings Panflam and Plinfa will take place towards the end of the year. If Niantic announces this, we will inform you soon in our news and update overview of Pokémon GO.

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