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Spiderman is swinging out of the MCU – but what about Marvel’s Spiderman 2?

Tell me, what's this about? If you're an astronaut and have been stationed at the ISS station for a while, you can not know all that. Just sit down before you continue to read (except, you're still on the ISS and then ... hovering too): Disney and Sony divorced, so Tom Hollands Spider-Man is now officially swung out of the MCU. Upcoming Spider-Man movies will be part of Sony's Marvel Universe. Instead of Avengers with Spider-Man it may be called Vemon with Spider-Man. Or similar crossover.

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Can Disney Insomniac’s Spiderman 2 thwart the bill? Yes, that would be possible- “WHAT? WHAT? But, but, if they’re arguing now, and Tom Holland’s Spiderman is back home with Sony too, OH GOD! “Okay, maybe I said it wrong, it’s possible, but not likely. Better?

Now I ask a question that I will answer you the same time: Who in Marvel’s name actually owns the rights to the Spider-Man games? While I have no exclusive insight into the great manual of Spider-Man’s rights, Disney’s Marvel is probably the right candidate here. Because apart from all those Spider-Man games that I do not like to remember – whispers:  and Marvel’s – Insomniac CEO Ted Price told GameInformer a little while ago what was going on in the run-up. Sony asked Insomniac if they should ask Marvel if Marvel would allow Insomniac to develop a Spider Man game.

In other words, in advance of the PS4 hit Marvel’s Spider Man Marvel Sony handed a friendly hand, winked at Insomniac and allowed the cooperation. And they had to because they obviously have the video game rights. Whether the meanwhile have changed hands or even split over other contracts, who knows. We do not know it. But the fact is, that slight bad news in the fan community of Marvel’s Spiderman is not completely out of thin air.

Would Insmoniac’s SpiderMan 2 be at risk?

Now, Insmoniac SpiderMan 2 has not yet officially announced, but now. Marvel’s Spider-Man is one of the most successful PS4 games ever and it is without question the most successful SpiderMan game of all time. So if we assume that Insomniac is interested in money – and a wonderful new game – that question would have been answered before. If we bring Disney into the game, it’s easy: Disney could outlaw Sony and Insomniac out of pure malice to get Spider-Man 2 on the PS4.

And I do not think that’s going to happen.

First off, Marvel is not equal to Marvel, just as Sony is not equal to Sony. What happened to Tom Hollands SpiderMan in the MCU concerns only the film universe. The contract, which Disney and Sony could not conclude, concerns only the film universe. And all this is all based on a decision made between Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures, both subsidiaries of their patrons Disney and Sony. Let’s dive into the video game world and look at the SpiderMan games, swim to completely different shores: Marvel Games and Sony Interactive Entertainment

Sony Pictures owns the rights to SpiderMan in the movie universe, but Marvel Games probably owns the rights to SpiderMan in the video game universe. At the same time, as already indicated, the actual dispute took place between completely different studios than those responsible for video game implementations. Thus, Spider-Man’s MCU-Out, as it is so popularly described, could have absolutely no effect on Insomniac’s possible SpiderMan sequel.

What’s more important than the difference between the studios, of course, is money. Marvel’s SpiderMan for the PS4 is a money pit for Marvel as well as for Sony, the cooperation has been extremely worthwhile for both sides. And whatever Marvel is about Sony, money undoubtedly dominates the businesses of both companies. Meanwhile, the fans want SpiderMan 2, and they want Insomniac’s SpiderMan 2, which was bought by Sony and belongs to them. So, if we ask the god of money, it’s wise to let Sony and Insomniac have their hands free on SpiderMan 2.

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