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Intel introduced the 10th generation Comet Lake processors

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Jiya Saini
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The line of processors on the 14nm process technology is designed for laptops, as well as transformers and tablets.

Intel introduced eight 10th generation Comet Lake processors. They are designed for laptops, as well as tablets and transformers.

These chips belong to the models for tablets and computers 2 in 1 and more productive U for powerful ultrabooks. The lineup includes three chip options – i3, i5 and i7. Modifications received from two to six cores.

The chips support RAM LPDDR4x, LPDDR3, DDR4. The chips also work with the new generation of Wi-Fi 6 and Thunderbolt 3.

A line of chips based on the outdated 14 nm process technology has been created, unlike Ice Lake operating at 10 nm. Also, these processors will not support Intel 11 graphics, while Ice Lake will.


10th GEN intel core processors ICELAKE vs Comet Lake
10th GEN intel core processors ICELAKE vs Comet Lake

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