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How many days do residents of different countries need to work to buy an iPhone 12

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Analysts compared prices for the iPhone 12 Pro with the average salary in dozens of countries and calculated how many days one needs to work to buy a new Apple phone.

Analysts of the Picodi portal conducted a study and found out in which country of the world it is fastest to make money for a new product from Apple – the iPhone 12 Pro in the 128 GB version. Experts compared the prices of the gadget with the average salary in several dozen countries, the results are published on the Picodi website.

The official price of the device is $ 1099.

Today in the United States, to buy the Apple flagship for a person with the minimum wage, you need to work for more than 6.1 days.

As for the residents of other countries, Switzerland has the least to work – 4.4 days, Australia and Luxembourg – 6.6 days, and residents of Denmark – one week is enough.

Our Brexit hero, Boris Johnsons, will have to go to work 11.8 days, and Trump favourite, the Russians 47.5 days.

India and Mexico will have to work hard to earn a brand new iPhone, at least for 54.4 days.

2020 iPhone Index reveals the working days needed to buy the new iPhone
The residents of India and Mexico will have to work hardest. Image from Picodi website

iPhone Index 2020 was calculated using the official iPhone 12 Pro pricing at local Apple stores or authorized resellers. Average wages were obtained from the websites of national statistical offices or relevant ministries and are relevant at the time of publication of prices for iPhones in a specific country.

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