Three recent Apple patents related to health monitoring

Three recent Apple patents related to health monitoring

In recent days the US Patent and Trademark Office recently published a series of patents granted to Apple, and among the most prominent are three that are related to the health and the various functions of the Apple Watch and the iPhone to measure the state of the heart.

First, we found a patent that shows how Apple wants to take the iPhone to the next level, specifically in terms of allowing users to measure their vital signs. The patent covers systems, devices and methods related to an iPhone (iPad, Apple Watch, etc.) that computes health data by scanning the finger.

The device would include a camera, an ambient light sensor and a proximity sensor, and emit light on the part of the user’s body that touches the surface of the device (such as a finger or the palm of the hand). This process would be intended to compute data on the activity of the heart, electrocardiograms and other indications of physiological condition.

On the other hand, the second patent related to health monitoring is the detection of conditions with heart rate sensors. The document refers to devices (mainly Apple Watch and iPhone) and methods to identify events during which one or more predetermined characteristics occur in a physiological signal.

In other words, it is a system in charge of detecting irregularities in the health of a user, specifically in the rhythm of the heartbeat.

And the dream of many: a calorimeter

Finally, the third patent shows a fitness device and techniques to accurately track the energy consumption of an individual over time, and in a variety of activities while using the fitness device.

The patent refers to a portable device, which can be used on a wrist, such as a watch, and can include one or more microprocessors, a display and a variety of sensors, including a heart rate sensor and one or more motion sensors. In addition, with the above, the Apple Watch can provide individualized and accurate calorimetry during a person’s day and in a variety of activities.

The best part of the case is that the device would not only inform about the heat of the user’s body during the exercise but that it would also do so in the moments in which they lead a more sedentary life, in order to warn them that they need to perform more Exercise and burn calories. As you know, these are patents that do not always become a reality, so we will have to wait to see what will happen.

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