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10 normal questions and 10 funny Alexa answers

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Kuldeep Singh
Kuldeep is a Journalist and Writer at Revyuh.com. He writes about topics such as Apps, how to, tips and tricks, social network and covers the latest story from the ground. He stands in front of and behind the camera, creates creative product images and much more. Always ready to review new products. Email: kuldeep (at) revyuh (dot) com

Smart language assistants and the associated speakers are often mentioned when it comes to the technologies that are about to break through. But even though half the marketing world only dreams of Voice Commerce, the reality is different.

Ten funny Alexa answers

For example, those who have the smart assistant from Amazon at home can, in addition to the daily weather forecast, also do something for their own smile muscles. For some of the Alexa answers to your questions are really funny or strange.

In today’s ranking, we want to introduce you to ten funny Alexa answers.

Do you like Siri?

Let’s start with a competitor from Alexa. But does she know and like Siri at all?

Are you Skynet?

Also related across multiple corners is Alexa with Skynet. We all remember the actual antagonist from the Terminator parts. Or is Alexa herself the neural network?

“I have nothing to do with Skynet. Do not worry. “Well then we are calmed down.

Mirror Mirror on the wall …

… Who’s the fairest of them all? This question we all know from our childhood from the fairy tale around Snow White. But what does Alexa say?

“You are the most beautiful in the whole country. Not even the seven dwarfs behind the seven mountains are as beautiful as you are”. Thank you.

Can you rap?

Can a digital, smart voice assistant actually be musical? We have all probably asked ourselves this question before. The result:

“My name is Alexa and I know nothing. I’m the bathing AI in cloud for you. Your answers are fast, but mine are even faster. Funky Speech Engines – I’m the bestseller for you”.

Do you know Santa Claus?

What do the little speakers get from their parents, who puts the presents under the Christmas tree?

“I do not know him personally. But I only hear good things about him. If I meet him, I’ll get in touch”.

Beam me up!

Okay, it’s not a question, strictly speaking. Still, Alexa can help you with your problem. In old Star Trek fashion, the answer “Aye, Captain!” Followed by your “Beam me up” command.

What are you wearing?

The smart speakers often have the (legitimate) prejudice that they would overhear us. And there is certainly more truth in it than we would like. But what about the privacy of Alexa and Co.? When does she change her clothes? And what does she have?

“Wait a minute … I thought so! The same as yesterday”.

Which is the loneliest number?

According to mathematics theory, a solitary number is a natural number that has no other natural number than so-called “acquaintances”. According to Wikipedia, two numbers are known as “if the quotients formed from the divisor sum of the number and the number are identical for both”.

So far, science has not found definitive proof of solitary numbers. Of course, Alexa has an answer to our question.

“The one is the loneliest number you’ll ever have. And the two is the loneliest after the one”.

Use the power!

Again, it is again: It is strictly speaking, no question. Nevertheless, we wanted to know what Alexa can do.

“I’m sorry. But my Midi-Chlorian value is too low”, was the penultimate – somewhat disappointing – of the Alexa responses.

Alexa, self-destruction!

The logical consequence of the disappointing answer: “Alexa, self-destruction!”

“Self-destruction in ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one … boom!”

I’m sure there is much more.

Leave a comment with your favorite.

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