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A tragic accident leaves Katie Price disabled!

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Former model and actress Katie Price has made heartbreaking revelations on being crippled after a devastating accident in Turkey

A celebrated model and actress, Katie Price has lost both her feet after meeting a terrible accident in Turkey, last year. The glamour woman was on a holiday in Turkey when she fell off a 25ft wall onto a concrete ramp. Both her feet have been injured. She has been told that she cannot wear heels ever again, or walk for more than 20 minutes a day.

Katie, in her statement to The Sun said, “I will never be the same, I’ve had to accept that, but I’m staying positive.” She has also confessed about undergoing ‘constant pain’. She has been given two sets of painkillers but abstains from taking them following the fear of addiction.

Katie further  described her pain saying “It feels like you’re being electrocuted — like shocks of lightning shooting up my feet all day.”

She also stated about the difficulties she has been facing while walking. I’ve got a limp when I walk now as one leg is longer than the other because of all the metal in the foot — I waddle like a duck. It does make me feel a bit paranoid,” said Katie. 

In her previous word with The Sun, Katie had talked about how severe the damage was. Also, that it took a surgery lasting 8 hours to put the bones back together!

Now, Katie is a registered disabled and has got letters from the doctor to get her certified for a blue badge. She also admitted that she’s ‘living a nightmare‘ since the accident left a huge impact on her routine..

The brave lady also says that she is grateful for being alive: “I’m lucky to be alive and to be able to walk a short distance — but it gets frustrating.”

We wish Katie speedy healing and recovery.

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