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American Horror Story Season 9 “1984” returns to the screens: Launch and premiere

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The award-winning horror series American Horror StoryAHS returns to our screens. And we know what to expect in the sequel. At this point, we’ll tell you what the series creators have considered and when you can expect Season 9 under the title “1984”.

American Horror Story Season 9 “1984”: launch and start date

Mark the September 18, 2019 in the calendar, because then the brand new 9th Season of American Horror Story will be launched at the US station FX. So you will have to wait until September to watch the 9th season of AHS 1984.

American Horror Story Season 9: Third Trailer reveals details of the story line of 1984

It’s that time again. The US broadcaster FX has a new trailer for its AHS fans ready. And this time, the full-length video shows Emma Roberts in action. Unfortunately, there is no trace of Sarah Paulson, who has been seen in all seasons of AHS so far. However, that does not mean that the AHS actress will stay away in the sequel. Paulsen will be seen, but their role has been cut. Who will play an important role in 1984 instead, you see in the trailer.


Cody Fern, who played Michael Langdon in Season 8, is also on board in 1984. His role is driving a bus with teenagers, including the roles of Billie Lourd, Emma Roberts and Gus Kenworthy to Camp Redwood, where Fern’s AHS alter ego is said to work casually. Everyone should experience an unforgettable, great summer. But only a short time ago, the mass murderer Mr. Jingles was released. The kids learn the story of the murderer and soon it gets pretty uncomfortable at the camp.


Just a few weeks earlier, FX provided its fans with a short teaser trailer that revealed some initial details about the plot of the new episodes. Then it was really clear what was being talked about: AHS “1984” is a tribute to the Slasher films of the 1980s, especially to the cinema classic “Friday, The 13.”. The short video shows some teenagers driving in a car on their way to Camp Redwood. It is drunk and celebrated, but no one suspects that even a masked man has hung on the car. This one will never leave the young people in the camp. This is the source of the horror that Emma Robert’s role in the distant future will experience first-hand.


“1984” is the motto of the 9th season of AHS and the journey goes back in time, to the popular Slasher horror movies from the 80s.

American Horror Story Season 9: Action of “1984”

The year 1984, which is also the title of the new AHS season, featured a series of classic horror stories on the big screen – including “A Nightmare on Elm Street,” “Children of Wrath,” Friday the 13th Chapter”. These are reportedly used as an incentive for the new season of AHS. Whether the serial creator Ryan Murphy has now considered similar stories for the continuation of his anthology series, Season 9 will be a tribute to the slasher movies of the 80s or the horror classics of the 80s only a brief mention in the new episodes of AHS find is not yet known.

Originally Murphy had planned an AHS crossover for Season 9. However, as we know, the “Coven” Words and those involved in “Murder House” had their reunion already in Season 8 “Apocalypse”. For the future, the series creator promised that the witches’ appearance was not a “two-time” thing. But in Season 9, we certainly will not see her again in her form. Murphy said in an interview that he had planned something very “fun” for Season 9.

Fans are already speculating that the ninth season will pick up on the encounter with extraterrestrials thematically. We are curious if this assumption will apply.

American Horror Story Season 9: Reunion with Emma Roberts and Sarah Paulson

Not much details were announced for the upcoming season of the Emmy series AHS. What we do know, however, is that there will be a reunion with AHS veteran Sarah Paulson.

The actress has had a different face in all seasons of the anthology series, whose relay actions are mostly disjointed. Her seasoned colleague Evan Peters, who also recently ranked in the cast of Season 8, pauses in Season 9 for his interview on this year’s “WonderCon.”

Peter’s real-life girlfriend Emma Roberts, who previously played a role in four seasons of AHS, will also find a seat in season 9. Roberts again played her role as Madison Montgomery in the 8th season of AHS. This figure was first seen in AHS “Coven”.

In the sequel Roberts even gets a new colleague and a new series friend. Usually Murphy tells on his official Instagram profile which actors he initially engaged for his series. And the habit of the AHS creator also follows Gus Kenworthy. The Olympic medalist plays the friend of Emma Robert’s character in Season 9. We are looking forward to the love story of the two.

American Horror Story Season 9: So it goes on

Apparently, the US broadcaster FX continues to be interested in the horror series by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk. Although Murphy has entered into a five-year deal with streaming giant Netflix, which will employ him for further projects, FX is not averse to a 10th season of AHS

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