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Britney Spears scares her fans with strange dance moves

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Several dance videos appearing on the star’s Instagram caused bewilderment among her followers. Many of them thought that the performer needed help.

Singer Britney Spears puzzled fans with strange dances. The star posted several videos on Instagram, in which she is dancing in an incomprehensible state. 

The footage of the 38-year-old singer appeared in a white top with bare shoulders and mini-shorts. 

“Sometimes you need to have a little fun,” Britney captioned the video and encouraged fans to follow her lead. 

The post received over 2.7 million views and a lot of confused comments from users. 

“It seems to me that I am watching a manic episode”, “It feels like she died and went to hell”, “Don’t you think that someone is just mocking her, hiding the camera in the mirror?”, “I pray for you every day, especially after the posting such videos,” wrote the fans. 

Several of them suggested that Spears needed help.

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