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Game of Thrones, maybe Ser Brienne will sacrifice himself to save the living?

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Kuldeep Singh
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An editorial effort continues to guess who, among the Game of Thrones characters, will be able to survive until the end of the series. The following contains spoilers until the second episode of the eighth season. If you are not even, it is time to close this page. Better, save it as a favorite and come back once you’ve seen the episode.

The imminent battle of Winterfell has led to a downward revision of the survival prices of the characters who will be directly involved in the battle against the white walkers. The worst thing of all is Theon Greyjoy. Which has seen its chances of survival drop from 17 to 11%. After all, he volunteered to be a bodyguard for Bran Stark, who will have the task of acting as bait for the King of the Night, who still has a 70% chance of survival. The impression is that the powers of the Crow with three eyes will help him defeat the enemy par excellence.

It will not be like this for the other protagonists of the battle. Brienne di Tarth, who will command a side of the army of the living, has seen its chances of survival fall from 64 to 46%. Next to her will be Jamie Lannister, who named her a knight at the end of the last episode. The chances of survival of the Exterminator of kings remain at 16%. Moreover, had it not been for Brienne (and for Brian’s silence), the character played by Nikolaj Coster-Waldau could have been executed at the beginning of the last episode. Tormund’s prices also declined sharply, whose chances of getting out of Game of Thrones alive dropped from 46 to 25%.

With the heart of the action moving to the North, the chances of survival of those remaining in the south increase. The quotations of Cersei, not even appeared in the last episode, have risen from 20 to 29%. Different speech regarding the other two pretenders to the throne. Daenerys Targaryen’s chances have dropped from 60 to 62%. Those of Jon Snow, or perhaps it would be better to say Aegon Targaryen from 39 to 36%. Of course, it could have been worse: at the end of the episode he confessed to his lover, who is his aunt, his true identity. Making it clear that he is the rightful heir to the throne. Dany did not take it very well, but before he could give vent to his anger the horn of the Guardians of the night rang three times, to signal the arrival of the Strangers. Is it better for Jon Snow to face the King of the Night or the Queen of Dragons?

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