Goodbye wrinkles! Demi Moore surprises her followers again with her new look

Goodbye wrinkles! Demi Moore surprises her followers again with her new appearance
© AP Photo / Victoria Will

The 58-year-old actress and model left her Instagram followers speechless after posting a photo in which she seems unrecognizable. Is it possible that this photo outweighs Moore’s surprise in Paris?

On January 27, Demi Moore gave something to talk about after her appearance at the Fendi show, within the framework of the Paris Fashion and Haute Couture Week. 

Wearing a black satin suit with flared trousers and an off-the-shoulder, plunging neckline top, the model and actress paraded for an audience whose attention focused more on the actress’s face.

In her latest photo posted on Instagram, Moore looks very young not only because of the appearance of her face, but also because of her clothing: glasses, leopard print beret, brown sweater, and jeans. In addition, Moore is sitting on the floor of her house and behind her is a stack of board games, a composition that gives the actress a playful and youthful appearance.

Moore accompanies the post by writing: “Early spring cleaning or a chance to play dress-up?”

Netizens were surprised by Moore’s new look. Some wrote on Instagram: “You don’t look like Demi Moore.”; 

“You ruined your face”; 

“Who is in this photograph?”; 

“Sorry, they definitely did something to your face. It’s a shame. You were fine as you were. Stop before you look like a freak.”

Others, for their part, praised her new look. “Precious”, “I need this beret”, “Pretty”, “Beautiful”.