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Johnny Depp’s rugged trial comes to an end

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The trial of Johnny Depp (57) against The Sun’s publishing group concludes tomorrow after three weeks of testimony from witnesses, including the actor, who spent about 20 hours on the stand. The domestic violence allegations that have been heard in the High Court in London between Depp – dubbed “a woman beater” by The Sun – and his ex-wife Amber Heard are chilling and none have spared grim details.

The version of the actor, who was not in the room today, is that “all hell broke loose” if he did not follow the “rules” of the actress. For his part, Heard (34), who arrived at the trial very smiling yesterday, and the lawyer for the tabloid recounted a string of episodes of physical and sexual violence by Deep. According to her ex’s portrait, the Pirates of the Caribbean star was aggressive and jealous, amid sudden mood swings under the influence of alcohol and drugs. Up to 14 episodes of violence were narrated in all their details.

Each of the ex-spouses accuses the other of lying. Yesterday, on the penultimate day of the trial, the newspaper’s attorney, Sasha Wass, said the actor was “subject to irrational mood swings” when drinking and using narcotics. “Mr Depp gave this entity a name, ‘the Monster’,” he said. “The state in which he sometimes finds himself due to his excesses even prevents him from having memories of it,” according to the lawyer.

Regarding the fact that no witness witnessed this violence, and even that Heard presented bruises when Depp had been away from home for work for days, she replied that marital violence takes place “behind closed doors.” The doormen of the building where the couple lived they even hinted that it was Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla, the author of Heard’s bruises on his face and for whom he accused the actor of assault. Musk and Heard were lovers, apparently, while the interpreters were married.

Then I didn’t remember anything

The Sun’s attorney Sasha Wass said the actor was “subject to irrational mood swings” when drinking and using narcotics

Heard “loved” Depp, whom she met in 2011, at a time when he was “clean.” The beginnings were “idyllic”, according to Wass, but as of March 2013, Depp was caught by his old demons. He “knew that drugs and alcohol could turn him into a monster,” said the lawyer. Added to this cocktail was a “catalyst” for Depp’s “explosions” of violence: “jealousy” towards Amber Heard’s ex-partners. According to this account, the actress hoped to get Depp out of his addictions. Wass quoted an email from March 2012 that Depp had sent to his friend Elton John during a period of sobriety, in which he thanked her for helping him to quit drugs and beat “the Monster,” who could devour him.

He says it doesn’t matter if Heard hit him

Wass accuses Depp of “profound misogyny” and that he was trying to reverse the roles of victim and offender by claiming that Heard was the aggressor

Wass went on to accuse Depp of “profound misogyny” and that he was trying to reverse the roles of victim and offender by claiming that Heard was the aggressor. “When he was accused of hitting her, he accused her of hitting him and when he was accused of being a drug addict, he accused her of being a heavy drug addict,” the lawyer said.

Wass added that Depp deployed “outdated methods” to discredit a woman, portraying Heard as “a fortune hunter, a harpy and an adulteress.” “It does not matter if Amber Heard beat up or even lost her nerve, the question is whether Depp committed illegal violence against her outside of the context of self-defence,” the attorney continued in its closing statement.

True or false?

Depp responds that it is a planned conspiracy of Heard and his family

Facing this version, Depp replies that it is a planned conspiracy by Heard and her family to get money and fame. The actress claims the only time she hit Depp was to prevent her from throwing her sister Whitney Henríquez down the stairs during an episode of violence, but the actor’s defense has released a video proving that she attacked her own sister. “They fought? I can’t believe Amber did all this to you,” says one of Whitney’s friends in the video, about the blows to the face. According to The Sun, last Monday, Heard went out to dinner with her girlfriend, Bianca Butti, and her sister Whitney, who have tucked her in at the trial.

Depp’s attorney, David Sherborne, will present his closing arguments today and the judge’s ruling may take about three months.

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