Marvel Studios will develop a ‘Star Wars’ movie with a new story line

Marvel Studios will develop a 'Star Wars' movie with a new story line

Actually, it makes perfect sense. If both the Marvel and ‘Star Wars’ franchises are owned by Disney, both are the most important financial assets of the mastodon of leisure and there is also a feeling difficult to define, but unquestionable, about the blows that the saga created by Lucas is giving, the crossover is inevitable. For now, of course, in the creative section.

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It has been Walt Disney Studios co-chairman Alan Horn, who has commissioned Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy and Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige (at a meeting attended by Disney co-chairman Alan Bergman) to collaborate in a new ‘Star Wars’ project. It could be the start of a new narrative line, now that with ‘The Rise of Skywalker’ the trilogy supervised by JJ Abrams will end, as the Hollywood Reporter exclusively reports.

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Horn makes it clear in THR what are the next pillars of Lucasfilm, two of them without any surprise: ‘Star Wars’, ‘Indiana Jones’ (every new news that arrives suggests an obvious reboot, rather than a fifth installment to use ) and the adaptation of the still unpublished trilogy of young adult books ‘Children of Blood and Bone’, written by Tomi Ademeyi. Horn has stated that “with the closure of the Skywalker Saga, Kathy (Kennedy) launches in search of a new era in the Star Wars narrative, and knowing how fan of the franchise that is Kevin (Feige), it made sense that these two extraordinary producers will work together on a Star Wars movie ”

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Changing roles

Of course, the doubts that fly over the franchise have been put back on the table. Is Feige a future replacement for Kennedy? It is rumored about the dismissal of the producer for years, but at the moment it has a contract until the end of 2021. Are you trying with Feige’s arrival to give the monolithic impression of seamless creation that has made absolutely every Marvel Studios movie a success? Of course, it would contrast with the continuous comings and goings of creators in Star Wars: Lord and Miller in ‘Solo’ – of disappointing commercial results – an infernal postproduction in ‘Rogue One’, reshoots in ‘The Rise of Skywalker’.

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Even so, it cannot be said that there are no ‘Star Wars’ projects on the table: Rian Johnson and the creators of Game of Thrones have a new trilogy in the oven, and there are a minimum of two serial blockbusters for Disney +. Something tells us that we will have to wait many months to know what Feige will focus on, which already speaks of having a very clear star as the protagonist of his new project.

Via | Hollywood Reporter