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Oscars 2021: Most unusual secrets of the Academy Awards you didn’t know

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Jiya Saini
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‘Seat fillers’, juries that vote without seeing all the films, emergency envelopes, and other curious details that will make you understand how the room is always full on the screen, how they really choose the winners and why they were ever wrong with the winner’s name.

Volunteers replace celebrities

The Oscar Awards ceremony is an event that lasts for hours and the room always appears full on the screen. Not that celebrities have so much time and patience to stay seated throughout the event, so organizers plan it.

According to the Sun, the organizers of the Academy Awards have a staff of volunteers who don’t get a penny, but in return, they can see celebrities up close while taking the place of someone who left their chair for a while.

Emergency envelopes

There are three copies of the envelopes with the winners’ names to prevent them from being lost for any reason, one is with the organizers, the second is behind the scenes and a third is kept in an undisclosed location until it is confirmed that the former arrived safely at the ceremony.

However, this did not save them from the remembered mistake made with the film La La Land in 2017, it was named as the winner for Best Picture when in fact it was Moonlight. This mistake happened after the wrong envelope was delivered to the one who announced it before going on stage.

Juries who vote without watching the movies

It can be said to be an open secret, as some jurors admitted that they voted without watching the movies. Watching all the films would take many hours, but as a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences jurors get the right to vote for the ones they consider best films.

Actress Carey Mulligan who was nominated for Best Actress at the Academy Awards has demanded a change to make it possible for those who vote to have seen all the films.

Campaigns to buy votes

Film studios invest million dollars in juries for their films to be chosen, as the Academy Award increases the film’s audience. For this reason, film studios are prepared for everything, including using aggressive tactics to make their productions favored.

Gold-plated gifts

Not everyone leaves with an Oscar home, but that doesn’t mean the rest of the celebrities who attended the award leave empty-handed. Nominees in the acting and management categories receive bags with gifts worth tens of thousands of dollars that are distributed by the marketing company Distinctive Assets.

The bag can contain expensive gifts, from 12-day yacht cruises to romantic dinners at a Spanish lighthouse. In addition, they include curious objects such as urine collection systems for medical tests and smart fasteners that measure women for an ideal fit.

This year the bag will include an emergency hammer to save pets that get trapped in cars, a children’s book against racism, clothes and shoes made of environmentally friendly materials.

Pre-engraved Oscar statuettes

The Oscar must carry a plaque with the name of the winner, but this is not placed until after it is presented to the winners, who after the ceremony climb the stairs to the Governors Ball. In this place, the engravers show them the plate and it is verified that all the data is correct, only after this is it placed on the statuette.

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