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Cardiologists reveal how much alcohol you can drink every day without having heart problems

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Jiya Saini
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Alcohol can be not as harmful to the heart if consumed in adequate amounts. Cardiologists at the American Heart Association have revealed the acceptable daily dose of alcohol.

In this way, doctors recommend no more than one drink for women and two drinks for men in one day. One drink is equivalent to 355 milliliters of beer, 118 ml of wine or 44 ml of a strong drink with 80% alcohol, according to the publication on the official website of the center.

“If you drink more of that, it starts to lose its benefit and becomes harmful,” says Lauren Gilstrap, Cardiologist at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center.

Excess alcohol can raise blood fat levels. It can also cause high blood pressure, heart failure and increased calorie intake.

Conscientiousness can even bring protective benefits to the heart, a study published in the journal of the American College of Cardiology states.

Research found that men who drink fewer than 14 drinks a week are 21% less likely to die from cardiovascular disease. While for women who drink less than seven drinks per week, the risk of cardiovascular mortality is reduced by 34%.

“The key is moderation,” Gilstrap says adding that “It’s never recommended that a patient start drinking for cardiovascular benefits, but someone who has a glass of wine with dinner can continue to enjoy that.”

At the same time, other research shows that even moderate consumption can lead to heart problems. It’s just that while you’re drinking, your blood pressure and heart rate increase. Drinking between seven and 13 drinks a week significantly increases blood pressure. Compared to people who don’t drink alcohol, those who take it sparingly have a 53% increased risk of hypertension, an important factor for heart disease.

A recent study published in The Lancet magazine analyzed data from 195 countries and concluded that the safest level of alcohol is zero.

Talking about the properties of red wine for the heart, the cardiologist noted that antioxidants and flavonoids—the elements that benefit heart health—are found in other things that are healthier: almonds, berries, apples, citrus, spinach, black and green tea, or dark chocolate.

The most logical conclusion from all the studies is that excessive alcohol consumption is harmful, both for the heart, as well as for other organs of the body and mind. A drink at dinner or lunch, which has become customary in many countries, is acceptable, but the best way to exclude all risks is not to drink in general.

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