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Coffee: Finally how much a woman is allowed to drink during pregnancy

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Can excessive coffee consumption during pregnancy affect the fetus and the child’s subsequent behavior during his or her life? See what a new study has revealed

People who love coffee can hardly imagine a day without it. However, its consumption should be done in moderation. Pregnant women should pay special attention to coffee consumption, as excessive caffeine intake can lead to behavioral problems in the child later in life, according to a new study published in Neuropharmacology.

The new research studied 9,000 encephalograms of children aged 9 to 10 years, part of the large study on brain development and children’s health. For years, doctors have recommended reducing coffee consumption during pregnancy in order to reduce the likelihood of miscarriage or preterm birth. But this research adds another parameter: how coffee affects any behavioral problems children may experience growing up.

The encephalograms of children whose mothers consumed a large amount of caffeine during pregnancy showed changes in children’s brains, which can later lead to hyperactivity and difficulty concentrating. The changes were most pronounced in these children, whose mothers drank coffee during pregnancy. Behavioral problems were not particularly significant, however, according to study author John Foxe, director of the Institute for Neuroscience from University of Rotchester, New York. It should be noted, however, that there has been no change in children’s intelligence.

Although it is known that the fetus cannot break down caffeine when it penetrates the placenta, Dr Foxe said it is not yet fully understood at what point during pregnancy or even how caffeine leads to these changes.

How much coffee should pregnant women consume?

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommends during pregnancy to reduce coffee consumption to nearly 200ml a day. However, even this amount could be excessive according to the study: “I would recommend pregnant women to drink as little coffee as possible if possible prefer caffeine-free coffee, Foxe recommends, while suggesting a reduction in consumption before pregnancy to avoid symptoms such as headaches, nausea and difficulty in concentrating that could be related to caffeine deprivation.

Dr Mark Klebanoff, lead researcher at the Center for Perinatal Research in Columbus, Ohio, adds that much research has focused on the effects of caffeine during pregnancy. But there is still not enough information about how it affects children as they grow older: “Pregnant women can consume less than 200 ml of coffee every day without fear of miscarriage or premature birth. A cup that exists in all homes corresponds to about 100mg of caffeine, so pregnant women could be limited to two cups a day,” the doctor concludes. But they should also consider other sources of caffeine such as energy drinks and chocolates.

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