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Dispelling the most interesting myths about milk

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There are several myths about cow’s milk and its consumption: from its negative effect to the stomach to the temperature at which it should be taken. The Chinese newspaper Science and Technology Daily published an article that dismantles the most popular ideas of the detractors of milk.

Can you drink milk on an empty stomach?

In the global network, you can find a lot of information about the about the alleged damage of milk to the stomach.

However, the author of the article ensures that the consumption of milk for an empty stomach is completely safe. Furthermore, whey protein has an antibacterial effect and prevents inflammation of the mucous membrane.

Those who shouldn’t drink milk without eating anything are lactose intolerant people, as their consumption can exacerbate the syndrome and cause stomach bloating and diarrhea, the post adds.

Is it bad to boil milk?

When milk is heated, Maillard’s reaction between protein amino acids and lactose occurs, but its degree is minimal, the author notes.

In general, milk purchased in the supermarket does not need to be heated to a high temperature, but if consumers want to boil it, it will not be harmful to the body or lose many nutrients.

Is milk bad for the skin? 

The greatest benefit of applying milk to the face is the moisturizing and coolant effect of a cold wet compress, which can narrow the capillaries of the skin after sun exposure.

However, direct use of foods as a mask easily promotes bacterial growth, the article warns.

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