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Do not drink coffee on an empty stomach – warn nutritionists

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Sweet, bitter, sour, eaten right in the morning on an empty stomach, can cause you more harm than good. But if you feel like you really need a coffee first thing in the morning, make sure you know this.

Drinking your first-morning coffee on an empty stomach can quickly lead to acidity, can suppress your appetite, and not in a good, weight loss-friendly way. 

“The roasted substances stimulate gastric acid production”, explains the nutritionist. Some perceive the acid as burning stomach or heartburn in the esophagus. 

Black coffee with sugar without a base, in particular, is a real acid loosener and often not easy to digest

explains the ecotrophologist.

A few bites of bread before coffee and the addition of cow’s milk could lessen the unpleasant effect, explains the expert. And for many people, an espresso is better digestible than filter coffee. 

“It often leads to problems when the coffee is drunk with juice on an empty stomach.”

She, therefore, recommends a glass of water.

The specialist recommends observing your own tolerance limit. 

One or two cups of coffee are usually well tolerated.

If it increases, the risk of unpleasant side effects from caffeine – such as palpitations and sweating – increases. 

Those who drink a large thermos full of coffee every day also complain more often of stomach problems, nervousness, and poor sleep.

If stomach pains occur regularly after one or two glasses of latte macchiato, it could also be due to lactose intolerance, says the health expert. 

Coffee drinkers can switch to lactose-free milk. In the case of gallstones, irritable bowel syndrome, stomach problems such as heartburn, nervousness, sleep disorders, or excessive sweating, it is often better to avoid coffee altogether.

Most people think that having coffee or bed tea gives them a spike of energy.

Yes, it will give you a big spike of energy but it will also suppress your appetite. You may not eat anything while you’re having coffee, or even afterwards. But when the coffee wears off, your energy levels will crash because you haven’t eaten anything. Your body has no fuel

explains Sweat trainer Kayla Itsines.

Itsines says that you should first have a healthy and nutritious breakfast that fills you up, and then have your coffee or tea.

If you feel like you really need a coffee first thing in the morning, make sure you eat something at the same time, even if it’s something small – like a piece of toast or yoghurt and muesli

adds Itsines.

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