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Doctor Warns Eating This Fruit While on Statins Can Increase Risk of Side Effects

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Statins work steadily and reliably to help control “bad” cholesterol – LDL levels — even if you come up short on exercise or indulge in a slice of cheesecake once too often.

As with any drug, taking the correct dose of statins is really important. High dosages are associated with increased risk of side effects.

Dr. Stanley Hazen, MD, PhD, head of preventive cardiology, while talking about the benefits of statins, revealed that eating grapefruit, while on statins, can increase the risk of side effects.

First, he highlighted that simple diet and lifestyle changes are not enough to regulate LDL.

Taking the correct dose of statins is important, according to the doctor.

How eating grapefruits affect statins?

Patients often ask about grapefruit and statins — and whether they can eat the fruit or drink the juice when on statins.

Grapefruits contain a chemical that can interfere with your body’s ability to break down certain statin medications.

When statin takers eat large amounts of grapefruit, the level of statins in their blood can increase, raising the possibility of side effects.

Problems can occur for those who are sensitive to statin medications or those who have kidney disease or other illnesses. Side effects from grapefruit-statin interaction are typically mild, such as increase in muscle and joint pain.

Severe side effects are rare, but can include muscle fiber breakdown and kidney injury.

The doctor recommends:

I personally tell my folks who have had no issues with taking a statin, ‘Go ahead and eat the grapefruit, but in moderation’.

Better they eat a low-calorie fruit — and if we find symptoms of statin intolerance, we can cross that bridge, if need be.

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