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Doctor warns of two severe unusual complications of COVID-19

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Jiya Saini
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COVID-19 can cause serious, life-threatening problems in around one in six persons. Acute respiratory failure, pneumonia, and liver injury are common consequences.

A new study reveals COVID-19 may also cause ocular problems like conjunctivitis and sinusitis.

Orbital cellulitis causes swollen eyelids, limited and painful eye movements, and reduced vision. The main cause is sinusitis, an infection of the sinuses.

Without treatment, the infection might spread to the eye socket’s fat and muscle. A recent report links the infection to COVID-19.

A specialist says the acute skin infection surrounding the eye could be a COVID-19 consequence.

Doctor Vincius Almeida Carvalho of the State University of Londrina in Brazil believes the virus is linked to the face infection.

Doctor Carvalho described a COVID-19 patient case who had severe swelling around the eye in a Journal of Craniofacial Surgery report.

After experiencing uncomfortable, growing swelling around his left orbital area, the patient was referred to the doctor’s craniofacial surgery department.

The 28-year-old says he started experiencing moderate COVID-19 symptoms two weeks before the incident, including fatigue and a loss of smell.

He didn’t seek medical attention until he developed a headache and swelling around his eye.

The guy was diagnosed with COVID-19 and sinusitis shortly after attending at his local emergency department.

But the facial discomfort and swelling worsened despite antibiotics and other treatments for sinusitis.

By the time he was seen by Doctor Carvalho’s department, the swelling had caused the eye to shut tightly.

A CT scan later found an accumulation of fluid was putting pressure on the eyeball.

The patient was diagnosed with cellulitis – a severe infection under the skin – believed to have spread from the sinuses to the orbital area.

Doctor Carvalho and his colleague performed urgent surgery, creating a small incision around the infected area to drain the collection of fluid and pus. The swelling around the eye decreased soon after the procedure.

The findings suggest that COVID-19 may contribute to a sinus infection, with the potential to spread to the areas surrounding the eye.

Doctor Carvalho said:

“It is not clear whether COVID-19 is a contributing factor to the pathogenesis [development] in these cases.”

Previous reports have described similar occurrences, with some describing congestion, tearing and pain around the eyes following a COVID-19 diagnosis.

Other reported ocular symptoms in patients with COVID-19 have included dry eyes, blurred vision, and foreign body sensations.

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