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Drinking too much water is useless – says study

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Drinking a lot of water every day does not provide the health benefits you are hoping for. Only dry heat and physical exertion increase the need.

And again a nutritional advice that was believed to be safe melts away: If you drink your two liters of water every day, you detoxify your body, get beautiful skin and lose weight. 

Two scientists from the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia claimed that none of this has been scientifically proven. 

The recommendation “8 by 8” (eight glasses of water with eight ounces of content) – which corresponds to almost two liters – is primarily a catchy slogan. It is unclear where the recommendation comes from.

For their study, Dan Negoianu and Stanley Goldfarb reviewed all published clinical studies on the subject of “Water Consumption and Health Effects”. 

The two kidney experts only found tangible results for the usefulness of large amounts of water for athletes, people who stay in dry heat, and for some diseases. 

In contrast, there were no positive effects on the everyday life of healthy people in temperate climates. 

Kidney lavage yes, health improvement no

Some studies have shown that water flushes the kidneys and helps eliminate toxins. However, they left it open whether larger amounts of fluids have a particular health effect. The same applied to the function of the organs. No study has shown that they work better when flushed with copious amounts of water.

The researchers also looked into the question of whether there was water in the Lose weight helps because it curbs hunger. The effect on the feeling of satiety remained unclear after the study evaluation. The scientists did not find any reputable studies examining the influence of water on weight control.

As for beautiful, plump skin – another positive effect attributed to copious consumption of water, the scientists also found no satisfactory study results. The scientists also found the connection between headache and water to be insufficiently documented.

Dr. Dan Negoianu and Dr. Stanley Goldfarb concluded from their analysis that there is no clear evidence of the health benefits of, particularly high water consumption. However, there is also no evidence that all that water can cause health damage – in contrast to dehydration.

“Our bottom line was that there was no real good science — or much science at all — behind these claims, that they represent probably folklore,” Goldfarb said.

If someone enjoys it, I say that’s wonderful, keep doing it. They’re not doing anything that’s going to hurt them.

A little mild dehydration for the most part is OK, and a little mild water excess for the most part is OK. It’s the extremes that one needs to avoid.

The water study by Dan Negoianu and Stanley Goldfarb was previously published in the online edition of the “Journal of the American Society of Nephrology”.

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