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In the fridge or at room temperature? This is how you should save your eggs

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Eggs are often stored outside of cold rooms in supermarkets and stores. However, when we get home, we always put them in the fridge. But is it really that important? Here we explain it to you!

The secret is in the shell. Although the egg does not need cold storage and can be perfectly preserved at room temperature, it has a thin layer – the so-called cuticle – under the shell, which protects it from salmonella and other bacteria. However, sudden changes in temperature can damage the cuticle and this is the reason why special care must be taken with the conservation of this food.

Another danger is the damaging effect of humidity and the appearance of condensed water and consequently bacteria and fungi on the porous surface of the egg. That is why several experts in the field do not recommend washing the eggs before placing them in the refrigerator. You should only do it just before consumption.

But why do we keep them in the fridge? Supermarkets often have air conditioning systems and at home, it is more difficult to keep the temperature moderate. The US Food and Drug Administration, for its part, warns that leaving eggs out of the refrigerator for more than two hours increases the risk of the spread of salmonella, a bacterium that reproduces at temperatures between 4 to 60 ° C. 

And you, how do you keep your eggs? Share your experience with Revyuh!

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