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Headache may be the only symptom of coronavirus

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In some patients with coronavirus infection, headache is the only symptom that speaks of this disease.

Coronavirus infection is accompanied by headaches in most cases. Some infected people feel only this single symptom. 

Timothy Spector, professor of genetic epidemiology at King’s College London, told The Telegraph how to recognize the presence of an infection in the body by a headache.

He claims that two-thirds of patients with new strains of COVID-19 complain of headaches. Moreover, in 15% of patients, headache is the only symptom of this disease.

Most patients diagnosed with coronavirus experience moderate to severe pain that cannot be relieved with analgesics. The pain comes on both sides of the head for three to five days. It can be pulsating, pressing, or sharp.

In addition, British scientists, describing the symptoms of the Indian strain of the Delta coronavirus, which is now at its peak, say that they are very similar to the common cold. That is, among its main symptoms are headache and sore throat, as well as runny nose, sneezing and coughing.

Earlier it was reported that different body systems suffer from coronavirus, but often the first signal of infection is not a fever, loss of smell or cough, but an acute headache.

According to some experts, older patients are most likely to have a stroke, and those who have just become infected and those who have already suffered from COVID-19 are at risk. 

Often such patients have other pathologies – diabetes mellitus, hypertension and heart rhythm disturbances.

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