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Hiccups could be a potential symptom of COVID-19, doctors suggest

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Recent research suggests that hiccups can be a possible symptom of COVID-19

New research points to the possibility of hiccups becoming an unusual symptom of COVID-19. In a recent case, a man from Egypt was seen to have experienced hiccups. The man reportedly tested positive for COVID. Earlier, a man aged 64 who faced continual hiccups had also tested positive for COVID-19.

According to the reports, an Egyptian had started getting continuous hiccups, the severity of which increased later on. The man also experienced other serious symptoms of COVID-19 such as a rise in body temperature, and sore throat.

To trace the cause of hiccups that were becoming increasingly severe, doctors from Cairo – the capital of Egypt, suggested ultrasound of the patient’s abdomen. The man also underwent a CT (Computed Tomography) scan that showed big white spots on his lungs. The lungs also had fluids accumulated in them, which is usually a result of pneumonia.

Experts suggest that the viral attack on the diaphragm – a muscle that regulates breathing, results in abrupt and continental hiccups. The virus leads to an involuntary contraction of the muscle, resulting in hiccups. Hiccups have also been associated with other contagious diseases such as influenza and Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

As per the report by the doctors from Cook County Hospital (Chicago) in the American Journal of Emergency Medicine, hiccups can potentially signify the entrance of the virus into the body.

A man who was 62 years of age has hiccups for as long as four days and did not show any other symptoms of the disease. However, the X-ray and CT scan reports of his chest showed features that were specific to COVID-19, including white spots.  After being hospitalized for three days and receiving the treatment, the man was discharged. The hiccups showed a significant decline and eventually stopped only as the infection was cured.

The doctors from the Cook County Hospital have advised the medical practitioners to consider the difference between infections related to COVID-19 as more cases are directed by unusual appearances. They also advised the doctors to stay aware and use PPEs effectively to avoid contraction from the unvarying patients.

The NHS states that there isn’t any particular reason behind one getting hiccups. However, for some people, hiccups can be an offshoot of factors such as eating, drinking, heavy sentiments, and stress. Also, it is always advisable to get yourself checked on experiencing abnormally prolonged hiccups.

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