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Indigestion turns out to be a sign of a fatal disease

Indigestion can be a sign of a life-threatening illness.

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It’s about pancreatic cancer. As a rule, patients suffering from this type of oncology experience a burning sensation in the chest and a bitter unpleasant taste in the mouth. 

Also, the disease is indicated by general discomfort in the abdomen extending to the back.

Pain can be permanent or periodic, in a lying state the patient’s health deteriorates. Unpleasant symptoms also exacerbate after eating.

In addition, in the event of pancreatic cancer, a person can lose weight dramatically. Patients also suffer from nausea, complain of loss of appetite, diarrhea, or constipation.

Experts from the charity Pancreatic Cancer UK strongly recommend that when these symptoms appear, seek medical advice, undergo an examination, and start treatment.

Pancreatic cancer is a malignant neoplasm originating from the epithelium of the glandular tissue or pancreatic ducts. The symptoms of this disease are often nonspecific and not pronounced, and therefore the tumor in many cases is found in the later stages of the process.

Pancreatic Cancer UK also advised: “If you are over 60, have lost weight and have tummy or back pain, your GP should refer you for an urgent CT scan or ultrasound scan within two weeks.”

“If your GP asks you to come back and see them at a later date, make sure you do”, the charity added.

Earlier, we interviewed few doctors who also said that the formation of blood clots may indicate the presence of cancer. According to them, when a blood clot occurs, the patient should undergo a full examination so that doctors can determine the cause of its occurrence as accurately as possible, as well as exclude other dangerous conditions.

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