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Nutritionists explain why these 6 foods you thought are harmful are not

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In recent years many diets have become popular and most of them exclude meals or foods that turn out to be the weakness of some people. According to a group of nutritionists, it is possible to eat what one likes, including foods that are considered harmful, as long as they are consumed in the healthiest way possible.

This idea may seem crazy, but nutritionists explained some foods rated as harmful to health may not really be as bad as they seem if prepared and consumed consciously.

In an interview with Yahoo News Japan, dietitians named the six foods that can be consumed without harm to health:

  • Pizza can be very harmful, however, nutrition specialist Donna Rouz believes that if you prepare it yourself it can become even healthy depending on the ingredients you are going to use. With a thin base mass, tomatoes that are rich in vitamins A and C, phosphorus, folic acid and other high-nutrient ingredients it is possible to make a pizza up to healthy.
  • White bread: Many people despise it and choose to eat whole wheat bread when it really doesn’t do any harm if the ingredients that were added are known.

“The white bread sold in stores is made from refined wheat flour using only the internal protein of the flour, so it does not have any nutritional benefit”

the specialists quoted by Yahoo Japan point out and recommend that if you want to consume white bread it is best to prepare it at home
  • Popcorn: This food gets a bad rap after being sold with other added ingredients in theatres, but it can actually be even healthy if you make it at home with just dry popcorn.

“Popcorn is a source of whole grain fiber. It contains a lot of air, so it has fewer calories than other snacks like potato chips”

says expert Claudia Hiap
  • Cocktails: There are many warnings that alcohol doesn’t help you lose weight at all, however, two or three drinks in a week would not harm a healthy lifestyle at all. According to the nutritionist and founder of The Daily, Lindsay Wandzilak believes that it is less harmful to have between one or two shots of tequila because this drink is made from agave and this makes it easy to digest and without causing hangovers or other consequences. In addition, it is low in calories, so it does not increase abdominal fat.
  • Yogurt with fat: Although this food has a creamier taste and contains more protein, specialists have observed that these yogurts do not cause any negative effect on insulin sensitivity, blood lipids, blood pressure or saturated fats.
  • Fruits: After the ketogenic diet consisting of sugar restriction became popular, many have decided to say no to fruits. However, nutritionists see no reason to reject it, on the contrary, it is advisable to consume it fresh because they are rich in water, nutrients and fiber and good for hydrating the body.
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The FDA vaccine advisory committee will now be the one that, based on this report, will decide this Friday...
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