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The oil-free fried egg recipe that revolutionizes the networks

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A TikTok user shared with the world a unique recipe that quickly went viral. It is not a fried egg or an egg on the plate, it is a hybrid between the two and it is becoming more and more successful on the internet. Would you dare to try it?

It is a new recipe. It is not a fried egg, but it does not qualify as an egg on the plate either. Without even using oil, an amateur chef from Tik Tok shared with the world his method of cooking an egg that doesn’t fall into any category.

The Recipe

First, separate the whites from the yolk. 

Then, place the egg white without oil and without beating in a pan. 

Then place the yolk over the half-cooked white.

And finally, fold the white over the yolk forming a package.

Either way, the recipe has been a success, and user Sunnycusine’s egg has been viewed more than 3 million times, check out the video!

And you, are you going to try it at home?

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