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Professor explains: 7 things you should avoid in order to become biologically younger

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Open, elastic vessels are extremely important for health. The worse your condition, the worse your body is because it is no longer properly supplied with blood. To prevent premature aging, there are seven risk factors that you should avoid.

Our vessels have vital functions. They transport oxygen and nutrients to every cell in the body. This works best when they are open and elastic. Narrow and stiff arteries can no longer supply the body properly. The result: diseases occur and the body ages faster.

Deposits in the vessels can form over a lifetime, but also within a few decades. The process depends on certain factors. 

Prof. Dr. Martin Halle, a specialist in internal medicine, cardiology, and sports medicine, calls them “aging factors”.

To slow down the aging of the blood vessels and thus the entire body, you should avoid the following seven factors:

Obesity: Adipose tissue releases inflammatory substances into the blood, which damage the inner wall of the blood vessels. The more fat in the body, the more inflammatory substances.

Cholesterol: Cholesterol is deposited in the blood vessels and forms small islands. These can harden the vessels.

Sugar: A permanently high blood sugar level destroys the protective layer of the vessels and dissolves vascular cells.

High blood pressure: If the body pumps blood through the vessels at too high pressure, the walls can tear.

Chronic stress: If the body is permanently on the alert and releases more stress hormones, the blood pressure rises. As mentioned, this damages the vessels.

Smoking: Nicotine attacks the inner wall of the vessels and causes cells there to die. Holes and scars can occur.

Chronic inflammation: Many of the factors already mentioned can cause chronic inflammatory processes in the body, such as obesity, smoking, and the wrong diet. These also damage the blood vessels and cause the body to age faster.

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