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Researchers develop new vaccine against all dangerous types of coronavirus

Covid vaccine against all types of coronavirus

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The new drug activates special antibodies, which subsequently block the development of infection.

Scientists from the Duke Institute in the United States have created a new vaccine against all dangerous types of coronavirus infection. The drug has already been tested in preclinical trials.

It is noted that the vaccine, using nanoparticles, activates antibodies consisting of fragments of coronavirus and adjuvan. 

The latter is a special binding agent that enhances the immune response to the ingress of an immunogen into the human body.

Tests on macaques and mice have shown that in this way, different strains of coronavirus infection, including SARS-CoV-2, can be successfully neutralized by 100%.

Researchers claim that the new vaccine is many times more effective at neutralizing the infection than currently used.

The results of the study, yet to be peer reviewed, are published in the scientific journal Nature.

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