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Scientists have found a way to reduce the intensity of dyslexia symptoms

Who does not have dyslexia can improve their cognitive abilities by studying ancient Greek

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People with dyslexia may have difficulty speaking, spatial and temporal orientation, or distinguishing between right and left.

A study by the University of Toronto has shown that the Ancient Greek language can help cure dyslexia, as it activates many parts of the brain compared to other languages. Ancient Origins writes about it.

The scientists analyzed the works and experiments of philologists, linguists, psychotherapists, and specialists in other fields. It turned out that the sooner a child with dyslexia begins to learn ancient Greek, the faster he will cope with the disorder.

“The benefits that result from the formation and proper use of the human brain have long been recognized by teachers and scholars from all around the world, who have suggested the systematic teaching of the Ancient Greek language as a treatment for dyslexic children”

they write.

One study showed that verbal intelligence and abstract thinking are growing faster in children with dyslexia who study ancient Greek daily. In a group that did not speak the language, these indicators remained stable or declined due to various factors.

Dyslexic people might have difficulties in oral speech, spatial and temporal orientation, or right-left distinction,” they added. “Of course, these difficulties, qualitatively and quantitatively, vary from person to person, and the symptoms vary according to age. When people are able to activate more parts of their brain thanks to the use of a language, they are likely to fight back some of the symptoms of dyslexia.”

“Even those who do not have dyslexia can improve their cognitive abilities by studying ancient Greek. This is an excellent prevention of the disorder,” the scientists are sure.

The researchers also cite British professor Eric Havelock, who believed that it was because of the structure of language that there were so many prominent philosophers in ancient Greece.

“Many abstract concepts originated in ancient Greece. This is because language, by its very nature, allows the speaker to think carefully and overcome difficulties with speech and learning that can hinder his thinking,” the study explains.

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