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Scientists recommend men to eat garlic before dating

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Kamal Saini
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Consuming garlic has a beneficial effect on the smell of men’s sweat, making it less unpleasant.

Garlic is widely known as a healthy food. A relative of onions, garlic is an amazing source of vitamins and minerals. It’s got magnesium, selenium and vitamin C in it.

And all of these nutrients are deemed essential for health. That’s great news for men and women, but there are specific advantages of garlic for men.

A 2016 study found that women are more attracted to the body odour of men who eat large amounts of garlic than men who do not eat garlic.

The study did not determine what is eating garlic that made men’s fragrance more attractive. But it is believed that the known health benefits of garlic can just send a subtle signal of good health.

The research paper suggests that the smell of garlic makes men more attractive to women.

The use of garlic negatively affects the smell from the mouth, however, it has a beneficial effect on the smell of male sweat – it becomes less intense and more attractive to the female half of humanity.

The study was conducted at the Scottish University of Stirling and the Czech Charles University.

The experiment involved 42 men, some of whom were asked to eat garlic and apply sweat-absorbent pads to their armpits, with which they had to walk for 12 hours. Those who did not eat garlic were asked to do the same.

Then 82 women were asked to rate the smell of sweat that emanated from the pads. The results of the survey showed that women found the sweat smell of men more pleasant when they ate about 12 grams (four cloves) of garlic at a time. 

To eliminate bad breath, some men were asked to eat 12 g of garlic capsules, which also had a positive effect.

A smaller dose of garlic (two or three cloves, or 6 g) did not produce such an effect. 

Scientists attribute the effect of consuming garlic on sweat odor to the fact that garlic is antibacterial and reduces the number of pathogens that cause unpleasant odor in human sweat.

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