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Study reveals a vegetable that reduces risk of hypertension

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Manish Saini
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Boiled or baked potatoes can help lower blood pressure, and French fries can be part of a healthy diet, say researchers.

Scientists from Purdue University in the United States have found that eating boiled or baked potatoes lower blood pressure and help prevent hypertension. 

The results of the study were published in the journal Nutrients, writes Eurekalert

As you know, potatoes are the main source of potassium in the diet of Westerners. 

Experts have studied the effects of potassium supplementation on blood pressure and other risk factors for cardiovascular disease. 

The trials involved 30 men and women diagnosed with hypertension or prehypertension. 

The results showed that eating baked or boiled potatoes resulted in lower systolic blood pressure compared to a control group who ate a typical American diet but did not include potatoes. 

Also, the study was able to refute the popular opinion about the dangers of French fries for the cardiovascular system. 

As it turns out, 330 calorie daily serving of this product does not have a negative effect on blood vessels. 

The beneficial effect of potatoes is due to the fact that it reduces sodium retention in the body. 

The authors of the work noted that the vegetable helps to replenish the deficiencies of nutrients, dietary fiber and potassium. 

Eating just one medium-sized potato meets approximately 10% of the adult’s daily potassium requirement. 

The scientists stressed that their findings are based on limited data and are preliminary. 

In their opinion, more research is needed to establish a link between the beneficial properties of potatoes and the way they are prepared.

“Considering Americans fall significantly short in meeting daily potassium intakes, these findings show the importance of promoting, not restricting, whole food good-to-excellent sources of potassium in Americans’ diets, like potatoes,” says Connie Weaver, PhD, the primary investigator.

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