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Study: This plant will help you to overcome hair loss

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Jiya Saini
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More than half of the male population over 50 years of age suffers from baldness, officially known as Alopecia

However, it is possible to improve the quality of the hair and overcome hair fall: you simply have to add the extract of this herb in your shampoo.

The red cloverTrifolium pratense flower is a plant native to Europe, western Asia and northwest Africa that is present in almost the entire planet. It is commonly used in traditional medicine and is highly effective in combating hair loss due to its high content of isoflavones, the estrogens that strengthen hair.

The Red Clover – Trifolium pratense flower

The study published on the National Library of Medicine portal showed that the use of this plant extract combined with biomimetic peptides helped prevent hair loss in participants with alopecia symptoms.

In particular, after four months of testing, the amount of hair in the anagen (growth) phase increased by 13%, while the density of hair in the telogen (hair loss) stage decreased by 29% and the proportion of hair in the anagen and telogen phases increased by 46%. The extract also helped reduce inflammatory reactions and stimulate extracellular matrix (ECM) proteins synthesis in hair follicle. 

In another experiment, 109 postmenopausal women took 80 milligrams of the red clover extract over a 90-day period. The isoflavones present in the plant considerably improved the texture and appearance of your hair and skin.

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