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What you should never do after showering in summer

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Jiya Saini
Jiya Saini is a Journalist and Writer at Revyuh.com. She has been working with us since January 2018. After studying at Jamia Millia University, she is fascinated by smart lifestyle and smart living. She covers technology, games, sports and smart living, as well as good experience in press relations. She is also a freelance trainer for macOS and iOS, and In the past, she has worked with various online news magazines in India and Singapore. Email: jiya (at) revyuh (dot) com

There are many things that you may be overlooking every time you climb under the showerhead to cool off on hot summer afternoons. No, it is nothing related to health. 

Although obviously, it is a problem that can end up affecting your health, since the presence of insects at home can be the prelude to various diseases.

And that is precisely the risk involved in showering or brushing your teeth and not drying or leaving the drain well covered, especially in humid areas or with the presence of cockroaches or the most unpleasant insects. 

The increasingly pronounced and recurring heatwaves caused by climate change cause temperatures to rise and bugs want to enter the houses through the pipes.

No one is saved from cockroaches in summer: in fact, they are the great protagonists of summer nights, since during the day they usually rest in any crevice in which they lay their eggs. At night, they go out in search of food in the garbage, drains, sewers, kitchens and bathrooms, as well as areas where food is usually stored.

Unwanted guests

Therefore, it is especially important that if you want to minimize their presence, you dry the towels or shower mats well so that moisture is not generated. 

And, above all, dry the bathroom facilities as much as possible before leaving. Don Miller, a British entomologist, has warned in ‘Best Life‘ about this problem, ensuring that it is necessary to cover the drain of the shower or sink with a plug to keep them away. 

Another way to avoid their entry is to put a much smaller drain or with tiny holes, in such a way that they cannot penetrate it and breakthrough.

It is important, as we said, to cover the drains. But even more essential is to keep food away from them. No one would think of leaving a salad to drain in the sink itself, but food scraps often stick to the drain grate after scrubbing, which can attract them. Therefore, whenever you wash the dishes, you should also run the soapy scrubber through the same sink with hot water.

If you have already suffered from cockroach episodes in your home, the best thing you can do is spray the pipes through the drains of a chemical product present in the market specialized in killing cockroaches. 

A homemade form of pesticide against them is to mix half a cup of sodium with another half cup of distilled white vinegar. 

Then cover the drain for three to five minutes to let the gases released from the chemical reaction kill them, and then add a few cups of boiling water again. 

They would have to be very resilient to survive that.

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