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A blogger orders an electric car from China for $ 31,000 and here’s what he gets

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A blogger on YouTube channel The Inja told his subscribers in a series of videos how he became a victim of scammers on the popular Chinese website Alibaba. The man bought a Chinese electric car Qiantu K50 for $ 31,000 but received an unknown electric utility vehicle.

The Qiantu K50 is an electric sports coupe developed by the Chinese company Qiantu Motor. The car has 400 horsepower and accelerates up to 100 kilometers per hour in five seconds. The maximum speed of the vehicle is 200 kilometers per hour.

Knowing that the official cost of the vehicle – which the manufacturer plans to produce in the US – is $ 125,000, the blogger decided to take a chance to save a lot of money by ordering it from China.

In addition to the suspiciously low price, photos with the brand logo and the sports car’s name were missing from the sale announcement. But the young man decided to trust the seller.

The story began in early August when the blogger posted his first video of the vehicle’s arrival in the US. He became suspicious of what to expect when he first saw the container with the car in it, as it was too small to hold a sports car.

Opening the container, instead of a luxury vehicle, the man found inside a white and pink miniature electric hatchback from an unknown Chinese company.

The materials of which the electric car is manufactured also left the blogger disappointed. I didn’t expect to see cheap plastic and wheels little bigger than a man’s palm.

Online accusation exchange

At first, the seller refused to admit to fraud. However, after the video became popular on the net – seen more than a million times – the seller agreed to grant the blogger partial compensation if he deleted the recording and then published another where he explained that it had been a misunderstanding.

At that point, the story turned into a real online battle that lasted more than a month with threats to delete the young man’s YouTube channel and exchange of accusations of fraud.

The man, for his part, had to delete several videos with the details of the scam to receive the compensation of $ 29,000. However, he later published several more recordings where he explained in detail how he resolved the situation to help his viewers avoid being scammed online.

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