“What the hell is that?” a fisherman is surprised to catch a strange fish

Image: Pixabay

A Canadian fisherman was quite surprised when he pulled a strange, fantastic-looking creature out of the water. Garry Goodyear of Templeman, a small town in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador, says he has never seen anything like this strange creature.

The fisherman revealed that he and his colleagues had cast the nets to a depth of about 800 meters and when they lifted it, everyone was shocked.

“We were pulling away and little by little, I saw it coming. I said, ‘Oh my God! What the hell was that?’ I’ve never seen anything like it before!” Shared Goodyear on social media.

Goodyear said no one on board could identify the fish. Then he took it to the dock and no one there had seen such a creature. Finally, he requested the help of Internet users.


What a weird looking fish we pulled fr the depths on our turbot tripDoes anybody know what it is?

Posted by Garry Goodyear on Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Canadian Fisherman catches a strange creature
Image: Facebook

Some suggest that it is a long-nosed lizard (Lepisosteus osseus), a species whose origin dates back millions of years when it dominated the lakes and rivers of Canada, the United States and northern Mexico. Others, however, say it is actually an elephant chimaera or Rhinochimaera Atlantic, a rare species that lives in deep slopes of the North Atlantic.