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In London, a cat on a high-speed train roof delays the departure

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Jiya Saini
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The cat, who did not want to get off the roof of the high-speed train from London to Manchester, forced the train to be decommissioned and delayed the departure of the train.

The incident took place on Tuesday evening at Euston train station in central London. About half an hour before leaving for Manchester, station staff noticed a cat sitting on the roof of a train dangerously close to a high voltage overhead wire.

The train had to be taken out of service, and passengers were transferred to an additional train, which subsequently led to a slight delay in departure.

The station staff managed to film the animal only two and a half hours later. According to them, the cat looked calm. It is still not known how she ended up on the roof of the train.

“We often have to deal with birds inside the station but in all my time here this is the first train surfing cat!” said station manager Joe Hendry as quoted by The Guardian. 

“Thankfully curiosity didn’t kill this cat and we’re glad it avoided using up one of its nine lives,” Joe added.

Earlier it was reported that more than 20 trains were detained in Germany for almost an hour because of a swan “grieving” on the railroad tracks because of the death of its companion.

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