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Man with Alzheimer’s disease forgot that he was married and fell in love with his wife second time

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The couple played another wedding.

Peter Marshall, an American from Pennsylvania, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease three years ago, began to lose his memories and one day made an offer to his beloved Lisa, forgetting that they were already married.

It is noted that in December last year when Peter and Lisa Marshall were embracing while sitting on the couch watching their favourite TV show, the 56-year-old man looked at his wife and asked if she would marry him.

As a result, the couple played another wedding.

“We’ve made new memories, but it hurts because I always want to say ‘Remember that one time?’ I want to reminisce with him, but Peter can’t remember anything now, much less what happened 20 years ago,” shared 54-year-old Lisa.

The lovers have been married for 12 years. They met as neighbors in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, when they were married to other partners and raised their children.

“The way he loves me,” she said.

“He’s so kind, so gentle, so flirty and fun and romantic. He’s always been so passionate about our relationship. About me.”

Peter’s family later moved to Connecticut, so their relationship was cut short for almost a year. When they met again, it turned out that they were both experiencing a divorce. 

After the first meeting, Peter and Lisa developed a relationship that lasted eight years at a distance, until their children entered college.

“It was so touching to me. He fell in love with me twice. I feel honored. I feel like a princess, like Cinderella. I’m the luckiest girl in the world,” Lisa said.

“We will be together until the end,” Lisa said. “Nothing can take us apart. Nothing.”

Image Credit: CNN

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