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Meghan Markle seeks to encourage other women to get involved in politics

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Jiya Saini
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Meghan Markle’s involvement in US politics has been, perhaps, one of the most unexpected developments of her post-beauty life. The Duchess of Sussex made history by voting in the presidential elections, something that representatives of British royalty do not usually participate in to remain politically neutral.

Markle and Harry have encouraged the US citizens to vote on numerous occasions, and political activism is something they will continue to prioritize in the future, a spokesperson for the couple told the Insider.

“Part of being an active member of society involves participating in the democratic process. So encouraging people to get involved in politics is something important,” said the media interlocutor who preferred to remain anonymous.

Before the couple announced their decision to step down from their royal duties, Markle’s role was to represent the British monarchy – implying that she would have had to refrain from sharing her political views at all costs.

Experts on British royalty point out that Markle could have voted in the US elections, even without giving up her titles. However, she was not allowed to speak of his participation in the elections publicly.

A representative of the “palace would not have been allowed under any circumstances to take a public position in the elections, given the hypersensitive role that the queen plays as head of Great Britain and the special relationship the country maintains with the United States,” says British writer Nigel Cawthorne.

In addition, he added that if Markle had not renounced her royal duties, she would have had to consult with London “about anything that deviates from the ceremonial functions that she has been given. 

“This time of year would have been extremely difficult for Meghan and she would have had to bite her tongue on many occasions.”

In turn, another source close to the Duchess revealed that Markle’s priority is to encourage women to “their voice is heard by casting their ballot.”

“The Duchess believes that it is important to participate in the democratic process, which includes promoting civic engagement and voting in elections. That is what inspired her to encourage others, especially women, to make sure their voices are heard. when casting their votes,” said the source.

Previously, Markle had assured in a statement that she knew what it was like “to feel voiceless.” Possibly in this way she referred to the time she had spent as a representative of British royalty when she could not discuss politics openly, the outlet reports. 

Meanwhile, her comment that the US elections have been “the most important” in the lives of its citizens was criticized by British tabloids and led US President Donald Trump to declare in September 2020 that he was “not a fan of hers”.

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