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A Mysterious frozen ship discovered near Antarctica

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Jiya Saini
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An Internet user accidentally found a huge 400ft ice ship, very much like a cruise ship. People immediately began sharing conspiracy theories.

A Google Earth user with the nickname MrMBB333 found a completely frozen ship with a length of 122 meters off the coast of Antarctica. What kind of ship it is, has not yet been found out, writes the Daily Mail.

‘Over the last 10 years I have become very familiar with our planet, the mechanics of it and how it reacts to many different aspects of space weather and many other things as well,’ he states on his website.

MrMBB333 draws attention to the fact that the block of ice he discovered is very similar in shape to a ship. Its characteristic features and symmetrical elements cannot be accidental, the Internet user believes.

‘I monitor everything from the sea floor to the cosmos and everything in between.’

Users immediately started building different versions. Some believe that the ship is related to a secret Nazi base, others suggested that the ship was built for the elite specifically in case of the apocalypse.

As previously reported, a mysterious ancient ship was found at the bottom of the Baltic Sea, which is well preserved.

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