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What really drove Harry away from Prince William and Kate Middleton?

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Jiya Saini
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Harry and Meghan’s hasty marriage and million-dollar spending were the two reasons that cracked through Harry’s relationship with the Dukes of Cambridge, William and Kate Middleton, who warned him that Meghan would need time to join the family before the wedding.

The relationship between Harry and the Duchess of Cambridge was very close, even before he deteriorated he considered Kate Middleton “the older sister she never had.” However, this relationship changed after the 35-year-old Duke of Sussex married the 38-year-old American exactor in May 2018.

According to Daily Mail, the authors of the book Dylan Howard and Andy Tillett, the Duchess of Cambridge warned Harry not to rush into marrying Meghan Markle, it would take time to integrate because her life was “completely different” before they met.

“She gently reminded him that he was dating someone with a completely different life, past, and career and that it would take time, care, and attention for her to integrate,” the authors write.

In turn, Prince William “had concerns about Prince Harry’s affair with Meghan Markle,” even after he met her, had asked Harry “Is she the right one?” However, Prince Harry took these interventions as a snub by the Dukes of Cambridge and even considered them to be against him and his partner.

In addition, the million-dollar expenses incurred to perform Harry and Meghan’s wedding also contributed to the deterioration of the relationship between Princess Diana’s children, as thousands of pounds were spent on a health program and a millionaire on the last romantic couple trip before the baby’s arrival at Heckfield Place with a luxury spa.

Another million-dollar spending and also criticized were the million-dollar spare parts that were made in a house in Frogmore Cottage, a gift from Queen Elizabeth II, to Harry and Meghan who moved shortly after their marriage and left the city of Windsor.

The authors suggest that Prince Harry was attracted to the “trust, commitment, drive and ambition” of his future wife because he was “unconsciously looking for a figure to replace the mother so cruelly ripped from him at a vulnerable age.”

Howard and Tillett conclude that “the cracks that eventually opened in the royal family after Meghan’s arrival could have been avoided if Harry could have empathized and taken his brother’s concerns in the spirit to which they were intended.”

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