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Why you shouldn’t drink coffee or tea on a plane, according to several flight attendants

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If you are one of those who drink on board hot drinks that are made with the water that planes carry in a tank, such as coffee and tea, you may want to think twice next time.

When we travel by air most of us take the opportunity to sleep, work, read or watch a movie to distract ourselves and spend the hours without getting bored. We also look at everything around us and focus on the factors that affect our comfort: seat size, other passenger behavior and turbulence. But for airline pilots, flight attendants and aviation experts, the experience may be different.

If you are one of those who drink on board hot drinks that are made with the water that planes carry in a tank, such as coffee and tea, you may want to think twice next time. ‘Business Insider’ has chatted with workers of several airlines and a stewardess who told why they didn’t drink hot water during a flight. According to the magazine, flight personnel don’t usually take them because they come directly from the airplane’s water tank, rather than the bottles.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) conducted a study on aircraft water quality several years ago and found that 12.6% of samples contained coliforms. Coliform counting is an indicator of the amount of fecal matter out there, which determines the sanitary quality of food and water.

“Both total coliforms and E. coli are indicators that other disease-causing organisms (pathogens) may be present in water and could affect public health,” says ‘Gizmodo’.

Similarly, the EPA also found that of the 158 aircraft examined, two tested positive for E. coli, which can cause diarrhea and stomach pains. Also, ‘Business Insider’ suggests that one in eight aircraft does not meet water safety standards.

“The water is pretty disgusting”

Eric Spitznagel collected in ‘Mens Health’ the confessions of three flight attendants from different companies who have decided to expose the dirtiest secrets that commercial airlines ever reveal.

“The water we use for the coffee is pretty gross. It’s pumped from a big tank, which I don’t imagine gets cleaned very often, if at all,” Brian described.

Alison goes a little further by explaining that “It’s basically the same water in the plane’s holding tanks that they use for the toilets.”, and warned, as the assistant of on board, that “As far as I know, the tanks have never been cleaned. Ever.”.

And not just stimulating drinks, be careful if you get thirsty, just like that: “Don’t even ask for water. I used to fill the water bottles with galley springs and serve it to customers. Unless you’re in First Class, nobody’s getting real bottled water”, advises Nancy.

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