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A thief suffers instant karma stealing a package in Toronto

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This thief tried to steal a package at the door of a house in a Suburb of Toronto, but was immediately caught by the owners. Leaving his trophy on the ground, the man tried to flee in his car and that’s when he suffered instant karma.

In the recording you can see how, realizing that the owners had discovered him, the criminal runs off to his Toyota Yaris so he can flee the crime scene, although he does not reach it because his vehicle gets stuck in the snow that had accumulated near the road.

The thief then gets out of the car to push it and accidentally honks. When this effort does not help, the man approaches the front wheels and with his bare hands begins to dig in the snow.

In turn, the owner who calmly observed this scene from the door of the house while a woman called the police did not miss the opportunity to play a joke: he offered the thief to find “a shovel.” 

(Full Video) Man attempts to steal a package, has his getaway car stuck in the snow then struggles to leave till he gets arrested. from r/trashy

At the end of the recording you can see how the Police arrest the thief, who surely had no opportunity to end otherwise. But even if he had been able to flee he would have made the mistake of not hiding the license plate. Although he did not forget to put on the mask.

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