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Man climbs onboard the wing of an airplane ready to take-off at Las Vegas airport

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An unidentified man was arrested by Police at McCarran Airport, Las Vegas, on Saturday for climbing on an Alaskan Airlines Airplane’s wing.

Passengers of Alaskan Airlines flight 1367 from Las Vegas to Portland experienced a shocking moment as they saw a man climbing onboard the wing of their flight.

A man reportedly managed to jump a perimeter fence at McCarran airport in Las Vegas and climb on the wing of the plane. He then sat down on the wing, eventually taking off his shoes and socks, during his 45-minutes stint.

The suspect was later taken into custody by police officers after he fell off the wing and crashed onto the tarmac.

One of the passengers aboard, Erin Evans managed to capture the video of the incident. In the video, a man is seen walking on the wing of the airplane. He is further seen trying to climb up the vertical winglet of the plane. He then takes off his shoes and socks. Officers can be seen on both grounds and the wing. The man then suddenly slips on the winglet and crashes down hard on the tarmac, where officers swiftly take him into custody.

According to a statement from Alaska Airlines, the pilot spotted the man coming towards the plane and notified the tower control.

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department later identified the arrested man as Alejandro Carlson, according to ABC News. He was treated for minor injuries and booked for trespassing and disregard for public safety. The investigation is still going on, according to the police.

After the incident, the plane returned to its fate for a full inspection, causing a four-hour delay in take-off.

FBI also responded to the airport security breach, but it quickly ruled out the possibility of the incident being a federal case.

The suspect is believed to be potentially suffering from mental illness.

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