A python bites teen’s penis while watching videos on the phone in the bathroom

A python bites teen's penis while watching videos on the phone in the bathroom
Image: Pixabay

The worst nightmare of every man was experienced firsthand by an 18-year-old Thai teen. Siraphop Masukarat went to the bathroom, dropped his pants and sat watching videos on the phone until he felt pain in his limb and then he saw that he had a python with fangs stuck in his penis.

The gruesome episode was recorded in Bangkok when Siraphop Masukarat was distracted by his phone while sitting in the bathroom until he felt pain in his penis and could see to his horror that a python had attacked him.

“I suddenly felt pain on my penis,” he told Viral Press.

The young Thai teen, realizing the attack, stood up scared with the snake hanging, then he closed the bathroom lid tightly and the python released him. As soon as he freed himself, the teenager walked away leaving several blood splatters at the place from the bite, while the python curled up in the toilet.

Fortunately for Siraphop Masukarat, the python that attacked him was not poisonous and the doctors were able to disinfect him and heal the wound, although he will have to undergo treatment to fully rehabilitate himself and have patience for his limb to recover.

The python, over a meter in length, was captured by animal rescuers who later released it into the forest.